Financial Aid

Lexington-Bedford Youth Hockey (LBYH) accepts requests for financial assistance. LBYH does not discriminate based on age, race, ethnicity, economic background, sexual orientation, or disability. Please fill out the Financial Aid request form (link below) and return it to the LBYH President via email to along with all other required documentation scanned in pdf, jpg, gif, or png format.

All information is held in strict confidence. Only requests processed through the LBYH President will be considered for assistance.

LBYH has limited resources for financial aid and will distribute them appropriately. Our financial assistance dollars are reserved for LBYH players from Lexington, Bedford and towns that do not have youth hockey programs. Financial aid is available on a priority basis to those playing for LBYH exclusively and not for other programs.

Prospective applicants should only seek aid to the extent that they need it. LBYH will only award full scholarships under the most extenuating circumstances; if a true need is shown. Financial aid may not always be available.

We will consider changes in parent/player circumstances at any point during the year, but may not have the financial resources to accommodate these requests. We request that all financial aid applications for Travel and Girls teams be submitted by July 1st.

The LBYH requirements to be considered for financial assistance are:

1. Complete LBYH financial aid application (linked below)

2. Your completed application for the Aspen Tech Grant (linked below). Your Aspen Tech grant form must be submitted to LBYH along with your Financial Aid Request. Failure to submit all required documentation for the Aspen Tech Grant may result in a reduction in financial aid available to you.

3. A copy of your most recent tax return (Form 1040) with Social Security numbers blacked out.

Financial assistance decisions will be made prior to the upcoming season. Please be sure to submit all completed documents as required above.

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