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Player Health

IMPACT Baseline Testing

Opportunity for LBYH players 12 and over to get baseline tested.

Concussions are an unfortunate possibility in many sports and hockey is no exception.  IMPACT is a neurocognitive test used to establish a personal baseline in the case of a concussion.  The IMPACT test includes testing of memory, processing speed and reaction time.  If a player gets a concussion, the baseline is a useful tool to help medical professionals decide when it's okay to return to play.  You can get tested even if you've already had a concussion.  All athletes playing contact sports at Lexington High School as well as many other high schools and colleges are using the IMPACT test.  You have to be at least 12 to be tested.

The test takes under an hour and costs $25.  It's given at Childrens' Hospital, both Waltham and Boston locations, on the last Friday of each month.  Call Kevin at the Childrens' Hospital Division of Sports Medicine, at 781-216-1328 to make an appointment. 

For more information, go to (Sports Concussion Clinic tab),

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