LBYHs mission includes the following: Provide a safe, healthy and fun environment in which to learn the game of hockey. Offer boys and girls the opportunity to participate and play hockey in a manner that fosters sportsmanship and fair play through


 Lexington-Bedford Youth Hockey Program Offering for 2019- 2020 Season 

Lexington-Bedford Youth Hockey program ( ) was established in the 1968 season offering competitive ice hockey to both girls and boys from the towns of Lexington and Bedford Mass. Lexington- Bedford Youth Hockey (LBYH) offers 4 distinct programs to help young hockey players develop the skills and the desire to play the game of hockey.  LBYH follows the principals of the American Development Model (ADM) which was developed by USA Hockey to utilize long-term athlete development principles as its framework.  Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) principles are an additional set of principles that can be used as a basis on which to make our existing systems and structures move consistently.  Developed by internationally renowned coach educator Istvan Balyi, and adapted to ice hockey by USA Hockey, the principles of LTAD are Play the game, Love the game and Excel at the game and are rooted in successful youth sports programs throughout the world.  For more on the ADM and LTAD framework, go to

LBYH Program Offerings Summary:

LBYH “Travel Teams” are co-ed and play the very competitive Valley League (  The Valley League is the largest youth hockey league in New England allowing for the most team parity while making it easy for teams to have games that are in nearby towns that are on average no more than 15-20 min from home. 

LBYH “Girls Teams” are for girls who want to play in a competitive atmosphere with their peers and gain confidence in a fun but athletically challenging atmosphere.  The Girls teams play in the Middlesex Yankee Conference League ( which like the Valley League allows for great parity while holding games that are in nearby towns that are on average no more than 15-20 min from home. 

LBYH “In-House” Development Program is geared toward players born in 2009 through 2014 that have some skating and hockey experience and who want to get prepared LBYH Travel or Girls teams for the following season or already play in the travel or girls program and are trying to improve their skills.  This is a co-ed program that runs from late Oct through early March that is made-up of 1 weeknight practice and one Saturday game that is comprised of a cross-ice format to emphasize fun and skill development.   Games take place at the Hayden Rink in Lexington and practices either at Hayden or The Edge in Bedford depending on ice availability.  Games are usually on Saturday during a fixed window of time.  The day and time for practices will vary from season to season but is fixed on a particular day and time at the beginning of the season.

LBYH "Intro to In-House Hockey/Learn to Play Hockey"clinic is for skaters ages 4-10 years old who have already had some skating experience and are now interested in learning the fundamentals of ice hockey. Participants should not be a current travel hockey player. LBYH strongly recommends any player who is interested in playing In-House this season take part in the program.

The program runs on Saturday mornings or early afternoons from September through February and divided into two sessions.  The program teaches skating fundamentals and techniques, proper skating stance and posture to be more proficient and agile on the ice, strides, knee bends, edges, turns, starts and stops.   All general hockey skills such as proper puck control, stickhandling, passing, shooting, and total skills development will be emphasized.  

"Hot Shots" Program:  LBYH partners with Concord Carlisle Youth Hockey (CCYH) allowing LBYH players (Birthdate 2005-2010) to participate in their "Hot Shots" program. The CCYH Hot Shot program is a great option for players who have aged out of our in-house program and do not want to play travel hockey but want to continue to play hockey. Hot Shots is open to players 10-14 years of age and runs from the end of November to early March.  Teams have one practice and one full ice game per week, all at the Middlesex School rink in Concord, MA at consistent, reasonable times. The cost is $650 (prices subject to change).

LBYH Program Games and Practices:

Game times and practice times for Travel and Girls teams vary by age and level, team schedules for each level for this season and prior years can be found on the individual team pages. Team pages can be found by following the LBYH link at the top this page.                 

All LBYH Travel and Girls teams have all practices, skill sessions at The Hayden Rink in Lexington or The Edge Sports Center in Bedford, MA.  Both rinks are convenient for all of our players and parents to get too and are state of the art clean facilities. 

Note that program offerings are subject to change depending on player enrollment but LBYH forecasts strong enrollment for the 2019-2020 season. 

 Anticipated LBYH Travel Hockey Program Offerings for 2019 - 2020: 

Mites Travel (co-ed) - Birth Dates 2011 - 2013

Squirt Travel (co-ed) - Birth Dates 2009 & 2010           

Peewee Travel (co-ed) - Birth Dates 2007 & 2008           

Bantam Travel (co-ed) - Birth Dates 2005 & 2006       

Midget / HS Travel - Birth Dates 2001 - 2004        

 Anticipated LBYH Girls Hockey Program Offerings for the 2019 - 2020: 

Under 10 (U10) Girls - Birth Dates 2009 - 2010 (if available)

Under 12 (U12) Girls - Birth Dates 2007 - 2008

Under 14 (U14) Girls - Birth Dates 2005 - 2006

Under 19 (U19) / HS Girls - Birth Dates 2001 - 2004           

 Anticipated LBYH In-House Hockey Program Offerings for 2019 - 2020: 

In-House Program - Birth Dates 2009 - 2014 

Intro to In-House Hockey/Learn to Play Hockey Clinic 2009 - 2015