LBYHs mission includes the following: Provide a safe, healthy and fun environment in which to learn the game of hockey. Offer boys and girls the opportunity to participate and play hockey in a manner that fosters sportsmanship and fair play through



You must contact registrar at for openings or register on-line to be placed on the program waitlist.  We will contact you for an evaluation to determine if any appropriate openings are available.  You will also neet to contact and HANK MANZ / LEO CASEY FOR TEAM PLACEMENT at   

 (Wait list is not a guarantee of placement; players removed from wait list will replace dropped players of like ability and are not removed on a first come- first serve basis.)


  1. Upon placement you will be required to register with USA Hockey. (Click on the USA hockey registration tab on the right side of the lbyh home page and follow the instructions or on )
  2. Upon placement you will also need to pay the tuition fee to LBYH as determined.