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LBYH Shooting Contest – Week 3
The backhand shot should not be a fading skill. It is just as important as a good wrist shot. The key to the backhand is the element of surprise. Many goalies are not used to how the puck is going to come off the stick from a backhand shot. This shot is very effective when cutting in front of the goal or when receiving a pass on your backhand at close range to the goal. The proper technique is described below. Remember, emphasize the proper technique for each shot you take. Your objective is to shoot to score!
BACKHAND SHOT technique:
-          begin from a ready position with knees and ankles bent, head and chest up
-          body turned to the side with weight on back foot
-          lower the bottom hand slightly on the stick shaft and firm up grip
-          puck is on cupped stick blade near heel of the stick blade
-          stick and puck start near or behind the back foot
-          sweep the puck forward and shift weight to the front leg
-          roll the wrists over while shooting
-          rotate or twist the upper body toward the target with shoulders finishing square to the target
-          rotate the front foot toward the target
-          follow through low, rolling the wrists over and pointing at the intended target to shoot low
For a video demonstration of the proper technique, please go to the following link.